Film Reviews


film-reviewsEver wanted to be a film reviewer? Well now’s your chance. We are inviting reviews from people who have something to say about a particular film. Get in touch with something constructive and we will consider posting your reviews here.



Here are some points to consider when approaching a review:

  • Try to give a brief and accurate description of the film – without giving away any surprises (spoilers)
  • Always give the full title of the film and the classification if you know it (PG, U, 12A etc)
  • Its helpful to look at the genre of a film – its Romantic Comedy,  Sci – fi Drama, Super Action Hero, Action Thriller etc
  • Who stars in the film or co stars and do they do a good job?
  • What about the style of the film, the setting, special effects
  • Does the film have a great sound track – who wrote it? what else have they written?
  • Who wrote the film and what else have they written?
  • Who directed the film and what else have they directed? is this there best work so far? if so, why is that?
  • Was the film the right length? too long? not long enough?
  • How about the edit? were you bored or captivated by the long dialogue passages?
  • Was the story first published as a book or an original film in which case how does this version compare?

Send us a review up to 250 words and  include your name, age and a head and shoulder photo to – please title the email film review submission. We will also accept video film reviews via You Tube.