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Big Screen Bradford Highlights. What’s On around Bradford

There are always exciting events happening in and around Bradford. Click here for more information on What’s On in Bradford City Park.

  • Thu

    Yorkshire Music Box

    Wed and SatBradford Big Screen City Park


     YMB_SLIDES-PRESBrilliant music from talented local bands and singers is now playing in  City Park on Bradford Big Screen's,  Yorkshire Music Box.

    Songs from Bradford bands including “New Man” from Warme,; Nervous Orse, “Dead is the New Alive;” Apache Tears “Bear Trap” and singer songwriter's,  Iman Hekima’s “Keep it Simple  and Emeli's, "Soar."

    YMB profiles Yorkshire musicians bringing new music to Bradford and at the same time celebrating the filmmaking talent that is capturing artists so well.

    We're also playing  the  winnners of 2Weeks2MakeIt competition on YMB. This unique music video competition, led by The South Yorkshire Film Network, aims to bring skilled filmmakers and musicians together to create an innovative, imaginative and collaborative film.  Watch out for  winners: North Of The Fall and filmmakers Team Bootcamp,  Bongo & The Soul Jar with Brother Bear, Mango Rescue Team with J’Adore Films and Molly Anna Band with Grit Street on YMB.

    Bradford band Warme
    Bradford band Warme

    Warme lead singer Lee Walsh said: “Yorkshire Music Box here in Bradford is a brilliant opportunity for local talent. There is so much creativity in this area and I hope that us getting a slot on Music Box inspires new and young musicians to carry on making music and putting it out there for people to hear.”

    Bradford UNESCO Director of Film, David Wilson said: “We’ve been delighted with the response to Yorkshire Music Box from local bands, singers and songwriters. The quality of the acts and some of the filmmaking techniques used to capture them really needs to be celebrated more widely.

    “The screen in City Park is a great platform for any artist – with more than 500,000 people passing by every month.  We’re welcoming all types of music from pop to folk to classical.  I hope Yorkshire Music Box will also give people access to music they may never have listened to before.”

    Yorkshire Music Box on the big screen runs twice a week from Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 3pm. (Times can be subject to change) 

    Click here to see who's currently playing on Yorkshire Music Box.

    If you have original music or a song you wish to be considered please send in a link to your music video, with your name, photograph and a paragraph about your song/music to http://bradford-city-of-film.com/contact-us/

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    The North in Focus

    1215 and 1710 dailyBradford Big Screen


    A daily photographic archive exhibition on the Big Screen in partnership with Bradford  UNESCO City of Film and Bradford Museums and Galleries

    1215 and 1710 daily Bradford Big Screen

    Passenger, Parcel and Penny Returns

    Travelling by Tram. The Frank Hartley Collection and photos by JD Petty.

    The North in Focus is a permanent exhibition on Bradford’s Big Screen every day at 1215 and 1710  curated exclusively for the screen by Bradford Museums & Galleries. The exhibition  often features previously unseen images from Bradford Museums Photo Archive.

  • Sat

    Not Just Hockney exhibition

    1230 daily and other timesBradford Big Screen

    Not Just Hockney


    Brought to the screen in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film this permanent exhibition changes monthly.


    It gives the opportunity for local artists to promote and share their work in the heart of the city centre.  Watch Not Just Hockney on the screen at 1230 every day or see the full exhibition here

    As an exciting addition from April to September we're also screening a special Not Just Hockney exhibition to celebrate a summer of cycling. This daily exhibition runs at 11am and 4pm. See details below

    Exhibiting  in April


    Helen Brayshaw is an Ilkley artist with a particular interest in still life - fruit is a recurring subject - although she also paints other subjects, including landscape. Helen’s work has been exhibited in the Ilkley Art Trail and at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. One of her paintings, ‘Halved Avocado’, shown here, was bought in 2017 at the Ferens Art Gallery by the Duchess of Cornwall. Contact: www. painters-online.co.uk


    Razwan Ul-Haq is a Bradford writer and artist who blends contemporary and experimental art with traditional Islamic script and calligraphy. Razwan was commissioned to produce a large-scale land art work for the 2014 Tour de France in Yorkshire and his work has also been exhibited at Leeds City Art Gallery, Cartwright Hall, Bradford, and at art festivals around the region.Contact:  www.ulhaqbrothers.com


    Den Ledgerwood is an Ilkley artist and teacher, who has taught in local schools and colleges.   She likes to experiment with mixed media in her own art work, including collage, and using pencil, ink, oil pastel and weaving. Den’s work has been widely exhibited in solo, group and open exhibitions around the region, including the Ilkley Art Trail.  Contact:www.denledgerwood-artist.co.uk


    Denise Mitchell is an award-winning artist, based at Baildon.  She has a particular interest in painting wildlife and nature, including landscapes, using mainly watercolour, oils and soft pastel.  Denise’s paintings have been exhibited across the UK, including at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, Burton, and at a Society of Wildlife Artists Exhibition in London at the Mall Galleries.Contact: www.denisemitchellart.co.uk


    Mike Smith is an Addingham-based printmaker who works mainly through the medium of reduction lino printing.  Mike’s subjects are drawn from his observations and photography of wildlife, people and places, and his work has been exhibited across the Yorkshire region, including at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds, the Great North Show, and Ilkley Art Trail. Contact: www.mikesmithprints.co.uk


    And watch out for this summer's special NJH exhibition celebrating a summer of cycling..

    Cycle Race by Mike Smith features in the exhibition

    There are two special exhibitions featuring cycling related work from artists across the District. Watch them daily at 11am and 4pm on the screen from now until September 1st.

    The images were collected from across the Yorkshire region by Colin Neville, curator of the ‘Not Just Hockney’ website in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film.

    Mr Neville said: "There are some wonderful cycling images by talented Yorkshire artists that really capture the atmosphere, colour and excitement of previous Tours in this region. It’s marvellous that day three of the Tour this year will start in Bradford City Park  and these images will look great on the big screen as a backdrop to all the cyclists and crowds massed there. The Tour is a great morale boost for the city. Bring it on."

    Our 13 featured artists in the exhibtion 

    1. Jacky Al-Samarraie. Contact: www.theartrooms.co.uk
    1. Denise Burden. Contact: www.deniseburden.com
    1. Craig Everett. Contact: www.craigeverett.co.uk
    1. Adrienne French. Contact: www.adriennefrench.co.uk
    1. Joy Godfrey. Contact: www.joygodfrey.com
    1. Jessica Hogarth Designs. Contact:  www.jessicahogarth.com
    1. Ping Kelly. Contact: www.pingkelly.co.uk
    1. Giuliana Lazzerini. Contact: www.giulianalazzerini.com
    1. Justin Leeming. Contact: www.jgl-design.co.uk
    1. Jane O’Neill. Contact: www.abundantglass.co.uk
    1. Shirley Schofield. Contact: shirleyelsie@icloud.com
    1. Mike Smith. Contact: www.mikesmithprints.co.uk
    1. Kate Thornton. Contact: www.katethorntondesign.com

    If you can't get to the screen you can see the exhibitions online. For exhibition One see here. (This runs at 11am daily  on the screen) For exhibition Two see here. (This runs daily at 4pm on the screen)

    For  more information on the Not Just Hockney project managed by Colin Neville, a retired university lecturer and writer from Silsden see http://www.notjusthockney.info/

  • Sat

    Royal Opera House live relays

    tbcBig Screen

    BP Big Screen 2017 Opera Relays

    rohWe're delighted to announce that we'll be partnering with the Royal Opera House again to bring live,  free outdoor relays from the Royal Opera House to the Big Screen in City Park.

    Watch this space for more details coming soon...