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There are always exciting events happening in and around Bradford. Click here for more information on What’s On in Bradford City Park.

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    Yorkshire Music Box

    Wed and SatBradford Big Screen City Park


     YMB_SLIDES-PRESBrilliant music from talented local bands and singers is now playing in  City Park on Bradford Big Screen's,  Yorkshire Music Box.

    Yorkshire Music Box on the big screen runs twice a week from Wednesday at 8pm and Saturday at 3pm. (Times can be subject to change) 

    Songs from Bradford bands including “New Man” from Warme,  Apache Tears “Bear Trap” and singer songwriter's,  Iman Hekima’s “Keep it Simple  and Emeli's, "Soar."

    YMB profiles Yorkshire musicians bringing new music to Bradford and at the same time celebrating the filmmaking talent that is capturing artists so well.

    We're  also playing  the  winnners of 2Weeks2MakeIt 2017 competition on YMB. This unique music video competition, led by The South Yorkshire Film Network, brings skilled filmmakers and musicians together to create an innovative, imaginative and collaborative films.  Watch out for  winners: Mango Rescue Team with track Bomba  by filmmakers Bootcamp Freebirds; Sarah Sharp with track, Ornaments  by filmmakers WI productions and Retroject with track, Webster's English  by filmmakers The Hull Film Collective.

    Bradford band Warme
    Bradford band Warme

    Warme lead singer Lee Walsh said: “Yorkshire Music Box here in Bradford is a brilliant opportunity for local talent. There is so much creativity in this area and I hope that us getting a slot on Music Box inspires new and young musicians to carry on making music and putting it out there for people to hear.”

    Bradford UNESCO Director of Film, David Wilson said: “We’ve been delighted with the response to Yorkshire Music Box from local bands, singers and songwriters. The quality of the acts and some of the filmmaking techniques used to capture them really needs to be celebrated more widely.

    “The screen in City Park is a great platform for any artist – with more than 500,000 people passing by every month.  We’re welcoming all types of music from pop to folk to classical.  I hope Yorkshire Music Box will also give people access to music they may never have listened to before.”

    Click here to see who's currently playing on Yorkshire Music Box.

    If you have original music or a song you wish to be considered please send in a link to your music video, with your name, photograph and a paragraph about your song/music to http://bradford-city-of-film.com/contact-us/

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    North in Focus

    Bradford Big Screen

    The North in Focus

    The North in Focus is a permanent exhibition on the Big Screen bringing beautiful images from Bradford Museums and Galleries Archive  and other projects to City Park. The exhibition is delivered in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film.

    See the exhibition on the screen at 1215pm and 5.10pm every day.

    New on the screen...

    After the Coal Dust

    Photographs taken by John, Bridget and Freya Gill of Castleford show life in local areas where mines have closed.

    These pictures are taken from an exhibition currently being shown at the Gallery in the Mill, Bradford Industrial Museum until 29 April 2018

    North in Focus: After the Coal Dust from Bradford UNESCO City of Film on Vimeo.

    Bradford Museums Photo Archive

    The Photographic Archive of Bradford Museums & Galleries is housed at Bradford Industrial Museum in Eccleshill. Consisting of more than 350,000 glass and film negatives and prints, it includes a number of significant collections:

    • CH Wood - For most of the twentieth century this respected photographer and his company recorded life in the Bradford area and throughout the north of England. The company was particularly well known for its aerial photography.
    • Christopher Pratt - A third generation member of the Bradford furniture manufacturer and retailer, Christopher Pratt became passionately interested in photography from an early age. His images give a unique view of Bradford's society and industry prior to the First World War.
    • Belle Vue Studio - Although opened in 1902, Manningham’s Belle Vue Studio became a popular destination in the 1950s for those coming to live and work in Bradford from other parts of the world. This collection holds 17,000 individual, group or family portraits.
    • Bradford Heritage Recording Unit - Set up in 1983, the unit was established with the aim of creating an audio and photographic archive reflecting all aspects of everyday life and leisure in and around Bradford. In addition to donated prints, the collection contains images taken by photographers working for BHRU between 1983 and 2003.
    • The archive also holds a considerable number of smaller collections of negatives and prints donated to Bradford Museums & Galleries.

    To find more about Bradford Museums Photo Archive and see our online collections, please visit www.photos.bradfordmuseums.org . Current website www.bradfordmuseums.org/photolibrary

    Twitter @BradfordMuseums

    For press enquiries please contact john.ashton@bradford.gov.uk

    Tel: 01274 435869


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    Not Just Hockney

    12:30 pmBig Screen



    Brought to the screen in partnership with Bradford UNESCO  City of Film and Colin Neville at Not Just Hockney.

    On the screen 1230  every day or click here  to see online.

     Animals, wildlife and nature 

    Flower by Janet Allsebrook.


    Exhibiting throughout March and April 2018

    Curator Colin Neville







    Janet Allsebrook is a local multi-media artist whose work includes photography, printing, 3D installations, and the creation of artist books.  Her work has been exhibited in the UK and overseas, including the USA.  Ideas about life, death, decay and belief underpin her artwork and Inspiration often comes from close observation of her own living space and garden and her observation that ‘Nature mirrors our human actions and times.’ Contact: www.janet-allsebrook.com

    Andrew Brook is a Bradford based botanical artist.  Although he paints a wide range of nature, surrealist, and human subjects, his specialism is botanical illustration of fungi and mushrooms, a subject that has fascinated him for over 30 years. He is a founder member of the Greenside Mushroom Project in Bradford and has lectured at the Medicinal Mushroom Conference, using his artwork as a teaching resource. Contact:  Facebook- Andrew Brook

    Jess Kidd is a mixed-media portrait artist who grew up in the Burley and Keighley areas. Although Jess paints a range of subjects, she has with a particular interest and specialism in dog portraiture. Her work has been exhibited regionally, including at the Cuerden Valley Fair, British Craft Trade Fair and the Ilkley Art Trail and her canine portraits are often commissioned by dog owners.Contact: www.jesskiddart.co.uk

    Justin Leeming is a Menston based graphic designer, photographer and artist with over 20 years experience working in the design and print industries, offering a range of graphic design and illustration services, including photography. He is also a figurative painter, working in oil and acrylic, and his work has been widely exhibited across the region, including at both the Saltaire and Ilkley Arts Trails and at Cartwright Hall. Contact: www.justinleeming.crevado.com

    Denise Mitchell is an award-winning artist, based at Baildon.  She has a particular interest in painting wildlife and nature, including landscapes, using mainly watercolour, oils and soft pastel.  Denise’s paintings have been exhibited across the UK, including at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art and at a Society of Wildlife Artists’ Exhibition in London at the Mall Galleries.  Contact: www.denisemitchellart.co.uk

    Mike Smith is an Addingham-based printmaker who works mainly through the medium of reduction lino printing.  Mike’s subjects are drawn from his observations and photography of wildlife, people and places, and his work has been exhibited across the Yorkshire region, including at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery, Leeds, the Great North Show, and Ilkley Art Trail. Contact: www.mikesmithprints.co.uk

    Not Just Hockney is the brainchild of arts enthusiast,  Colin Neville. The bi-monthly exhibition features work from painters, ceramists, textile and jewellery makers. Artists involved say the project gives them vital outdoor “gallery” space after harsh economic times have seen many local galleries closing.

    Curator Mr Neville, a retired lecturer from Sildsen said: “I am really passionate about local art as both my children work in this field. One of the biggest issues for artists is promoting their own work and so I set about building up a website for artists in my local town. I started with a couple and before I knew it the site had snowballed.

    “Being able to working with Bradford UNESCO City of Film to feature these artists on the Big Screen which is seen by 17,000 people a day is fantastic.”

    Bradford UNESCO City of Film, David Wilson said: “Some of the artists we are working with are well known but others are not and so we’re delighted to be supporting local creativity. The images and photographs of the work are stunning and will no doubt draw some real attention in City Park.”

    Not Just Hockney will run every day at 1230 on Bradford Big Screen. Five different artists will feature bi- monthly.  For more information see http://www.notjusthockney.info/

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    Art and science merge on the big screen

    11:00 amBradford Big Screen

    Art and science merge on the big screen in an ambitious creative project

     An interdisciplinary team spanning the Universities of Bradford and Leeds have won Arts and Humanities Research Council follow-on funding in an ambitious project which brings art and science together in an unusual creative arena.

     Artist and lecturer Kate Johnson is leading the project   - and each stage  is being revealed in  a series of short films  which will be updated on the big screen during the coming months.

    You can see the first exciting stage of the project in the first film of her work  on the big screen every day at 11am or  watch the film here  if you can’t get down to the big screen.

    Supporting the project are Drs Adrian Evans and Andrew Wilson in Forensic and Archaeological Sciences, Carlton Reeve and Mark Goodall in Engineering and Informatics, Drs Steven Milne and Leon Black, Faculty of Engineering, UOL, David Wilson, Bradford UNESCO City of Film, Dr Alison Smith, National Portrait Gallery, musician Jeremy Bradford and cameraman Jimi Lund.