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Bradford Big Screen shines the spotlight on up and coming new filmmakers in this new bi-weekly exhibition in a new partnership with the University of Bradford

Thursday at 4.30pm and Sunday  at 2pm on Bradford Big Screen

Showreel co-ordinator Guy Whittaker

Showreel shares recently made  films by students on a variety of film courses at the university and is being led by the new City of Film Student co-ordinator,  Guy Whittaker.

Our first eight films feature both animation and documentary with many focusing on the city of Bradford as source of inspiration for their creativity.

Guy Whittaker who is on a one year MA Digital Filmmaking course said: “’Bradford Big Screen is a great opportunity for filmmakers from the University of Bradford to share and promote their work. It is an incredible incentive to know that our films will be seen by thousands of people every month and we really enjoy seeing our work in the heart of the city. The university is a hub of filmmaking activity, providing the best equipment, facilities, and staff and is the ideal place to become a filmmaker.”

Director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film, David Wilson said: “This is a fantastic new feature for the screen and City Park and showcases some really impressive emerging talent in our city.  All our featured filmmakers show real promise and all credit to Guy for working so hard with us to make this new feature happen.”

Mark Garratt, Director of External Affairs at the University of Bradford, said: “This is a fantastic initiative that will showcase the work of our highly talented filmmaking students. We have a great track record in producing filmmakers who have gone on to work on internationally-renowned films and the whole of Bradford will enjoy this collaboration between its world-leading technology university and Bradford UNESCO City of Film.”

Showreel is currently featuring work from

Jakub Kyral. Film: City of Respect  A first year Film and Television Production student of the University of Bradford, originally from Prague.




Christopher  Bradburn.  Films: Key and Weather

Christopher Bradburn is currently studying Digital Filmmaking MA at the University of Bradford.   I am a hardworking person who has always been looking to learn new skills and gain experience and through my films I have shown that I do have a wide range of skills that will be beneficial to employers. I have spent this year as student rep and have been able to come out of my comfort zone and try new things that I haven’t done before.


Jordan Dinchev. Films: Everybody Can and Teaworld.

Jordan is from Bulgaria and is  an aspiring filmmaker and photographer.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Film & TV Editing and is currently doing a  Masters  in Digital Filmmaking at University of Bradford.  “Filmmaking and photography go hand in hand for me, and help me to develop myself as a better storyteller. My dream is to keep telling great stories that will touch people on a deeper level.”


Haitham Mark. Films: Window and  Colour

Haitham was born in Lebanon and has a mixed ethnic background consisting of Cypriot and Turkish roots. He moved from Lebanon to England to continue his academic studies and to seek his future by opening himself to the world.

Haitham has a BA degree in radio, TV and film In addition to an MA in Digital Filmmaking, awarded from the University of Bradford. He has worked on a wide variety of media projects including documentaries, commercials and short films. He is able to work quickly and efficiently in demanding work environments. His intention is to provide a voice to those who do not have one through his passion of filmmaking.

Guy Whittaker. Film: In Fenestra

Guy is an aspiring filmmaker and photographer. He has a Social Anthropology degree from the University of Manchester and is currently undertaking the MA in Digital Filmmaking course at the University of Bradford. Guy is a creative person who enjoys various creative pursuits, but has had particular success in this past year with filmmaking, and enjoys combining the more philosophical aspects of his Anthropology degree with the creative freedom of film.